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Rising Trend: VR - AR Technologies and Mobile Applications


Rising Trend: VR - AR Technologies and Mobile Applications

The Covid-19 pandemic, the quarantine period and afterwards, the relationship between us and technology was redefined. Being mobile and online, solving many of our needs that we may not even think of, completely with technology has changed the way we define it. The speed of development of complementary and integrated technologies has increased drastically. Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality technologies, which are called XR (Extended Reality) technologies that redefine reality, made a rapid entry into our lives.

Many organizations from education and business development, shopping, design and decoration to entertainment and games have included these technologies in their daily routines. Investments and projects are increasing rapidly in the field of mobile technology, where a holistic technological approach is currently the most accepted. In this article, AppLogist team discussed the integration of XR, AR and VR technologies in the field of mobile technology, which is our industry, and the areas where they are used demonstrated with interesting applications.

Let's first take a look at these special technologies and their uses:

  • What is XR (Extended Reality)?

Extended Reality (XR), is an inclusive term that has just entered our lives. It can be defined as a common concept representing all immersive technologies such as Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR) and Mixed Reality (MR). The XR universe can be thought of as a spectrum of virtual and real-world experiences. Mixed Reality, created with the help of smart glasses & wearable computers such as Microsoft HoloLens, Magic Leap or NReal, is in the middle of both technology experiences.

  • AR / VR technologies are expected to reach a market volume of more than $ 100 billion by 2023. So where will we see these technologies more?

Meeting and conference systems: Many institutions have sought ways to work actively in the social isolation process for their employees. With the luxury of being able to come together completely in virtual environments without the need for physical spaces via VR services such as MeetinVR and Glue, corporate employees can communicate in real-time in a 3-dimensional space they choose. Not only corporate or individual meetings, but also canceled events have started to be moved to Virtual Reality. As an example, the HTC Vive developer conference, planned to be held at the beginning of March 2020, was held entirely on virtual reality devices using the Engage platform. In our country, Teleporter, which brings together VR experience and e-sports with game lovers in a virtual environment, can be given as an example as one of the domestic initiatives in this field.

AR for Shopping Experience: With the development of mobile devices and the increase in processing capacities, AR began to be integrated into devices. AR technology is positioned different from VR in that it can be used directly from existing devices. It is predicted that the AR integrated shopping system will be a game changer in the sector in the coming years, especially in the shopping and retail sector, in terms of user experience and affecting the purchasing decision. Think about it, you can have a shopping experience in a store without ever going, don't you think this brings online purchasing experience to the next level?

A small addition: According to the latest figures shared by Shopify, product pages with Augmented Reality (AR) and 3D product display feature conversion rates are 250% higher than those without AR. Companies that use AR technology such as Houzz state that the AR experience leads customers to purchase 11 times more and spend 3 times more time in applications.

  • Use of VR-AR in Education

School and company trainings are also transforming with AR / VR technologies. Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality will be increasingly present in many areas from in-house training to distance learning content in schools. VR simulations in technical training have been in our lives for a long time. VR trainings are carried out in many different areas, especially in challenging surgical scenarios for medical education, to over-orbit space station repairs. The biggest advantage of Virtual Reality (VR) trainings is that the virtual created environment can give the participant the feeling that they are experiencing the training scenario.

Several Interesting Applications Using Augmented Reality (AR):

  • MondlyAR

Mondly is a digital assistant that supports your language learning. It can chat with you in 7 different languages and give feedback on your pronunciation and language learning by using voice recognition and chatbot technology.

  • Inkhunter

Getting a tattoo is a pretty tough decision. With this augmented reality application, it allows you to see the tattoo design in the area you are planning to have. First mark the design, then the potential application area, and take a careful look at what your tattoo will look like!

  • Star Chart

Do you like the stars? Would you like to be able to identify celestial bodies in a clear night? If your answer is yes, this augmented reality application can easily provide you with the names and information of the stars. All you have to do is move your phone across the night sky so the app will map the sky from where you are and let you learn wonderful information.

  • Housecraft

Home decoration is a challenge! So is understanding how it will look when buying furniture for your home and imagining its harmony with other items. Thanks to Housecraft, AR technology puts 3D models of various furniture in your home. It helps you to size the furniture according to the room and even to reference these designs by saving them.

  • ROAR

It is an AR application designed to see the nutritional value and content of food and beverages. You can search for products in a huge database where 10000+ products are defined, compare prices and purchase products from within the application.

  • GIPHY World

With the mobile application designed for fun AR communication, you can save GIFs and stickers directly to your videos and quickly share them on social media.