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Rising Trend: Mobile Applications and Chatbots

Rising Trend: Mobile Applications and Chatbots

Chatbots are artificial intelligence applications that we encounter many times every day in every aspect of our lives as a result of the developing technology and the sectors giving more place to technological applications in business processes. Chatbots, which make a great contribution to the management of customer relations processes, especially for brands that offer services or make active marketing, are now more and more integrated into mobile applications in our increasingly mobile lives. In this article, we have examined this rising trend for you.

  • What is a chatbot?

Chatting robots are called chatbots where the user can communicate with a person in a digital environment and take information on the relevant subject. Chatbots can enable you to check-in for your flight, order food, make any purchase, and learn your bank account information at airports.

Chatbots, which bring a brand new approach to the concept of interface used in the digital world since the past, use dialog-based interfaces, unlike the graphical interfaces used by websites and mobile applications. In addition to social messaging platforms, chatbot technology is also used in voice assistants such as Google Assistant and Siri, which are widely used in the world. Recently, the most widespread use has been found in institutions' own corporate sites and mobile applications.

Thanks to chatbot technology, you can quickly get the information you are looking for on a site in mutual dialogue. A chatbot can be designed to answer the questions directed to it only according to defined word groups, or it can be designed proactively with the capacity to direct the conversation to initiate a chat.

  • Why should you use a Chatbot software for your company?

Today, many institutions are actively involved in the digital transformation network and integrate technology into the entire business process. Among these technologies, artificial intelligence is by far the most preferred. Chatbots increase efficiency because they can automate and digitalize basic operations using artificial intelligence technologies. Especially in customer relations, they can respond quickly to questions asked by customers, and they can create a perfect customer experience by quickly performing basic transactions. In addition, because they process customers' data correctly, they provide active support to marketing and sales processes by presenting the needs of the relevant customer at the right time.

All automated processes reduce human resources and expenses. In addition, when you integrate a chatbot software into business processes, you create a faster, more active, more measurable communication traffic. Moreover, the use of chatbots is helping you in multilingualism, which is the most challenging for you in human resources.

  • Why is Chatbot Integration Necessary in Your Mobile Application?

Your communication with the audience especially when you offer products or services is always very important. The experiences of users or customers directly affect your brand value. Especially while representing your brand in a time and place independent medium such as a mobile application, being able to respond to the needs of customers with a simple and natural interaction is a factor that will put you ahead of your competitors.

  • Which Sectors Prefer Chatbots More?

Mainly in the service sector, Banking, Health, Marketing are the sectors where chatbot use is most common and more and more investments are made in this field. Chatbots have also been on the rise with the increase in investment in artificial intelligence-based technologies in the field of Health and Education in order to accelerate business and service processes that were disrupted especially during the pandemic period.

It is reported by chatbot developers that the demands of the public sector and SMEs are increasing. However, the biggest leap was achieved with the use of chatbots by E-commerce brands in the field of after-sales services in the online sales sector, which increased its market share considerably during the pandemic process.

If you want to offer your users or customers a fast, proactive, reliable and satisfactory way to reach you, it is recommended to include chatbot software on your website and especially in your mobile application. It is predicted that the investments of companies in this field will increase day by day and the new generation customer experience will be defined through this developing technology.

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