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Rising Trend: Lifestyle Mobile Applications

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Rising Trend: Lifestyle Mobile Applications

Life is faster and mobile now! We love everything that supports us in the order we want, away from space, time, and any kind of limitation. We have looked at mobile health and nutrition applications that have become trending with the introduction of Covid-19 into our lives recently. In addition to nutrition and sports, which are the basis of our lifestyle, we have compiled Lifestyle applications that support us spiritually and psychologically, enable us to learn something, and contribute to our quality of life. Have a good read!

Culture Trip

I guess there is no one who doesn't like to travel. However, after the pandemic, even our fastest holiday plans were suspended, and we got an automatic distance from traveling. Nevertheless, we wanted you to meet Culture Trip, which should definitely be on your phone for your holiday plans on the coming beautiful days. This application detects your location and offers you all the articles and contents written about that place. Where should you go? Where should you eat? Moreover, you do not need to be there to do this, you can access this information with a location search.


With 3,000+ articles in dozens of categories, Akademia is almost the cultural encyclopedia of the modern age. With 10+ new articles added every day, you can find whatever you are looking for in its huge archive. Moreover, you can share your ideas with other application users with the commenting feature. You can share the contents you access on Akademia on social media and create more interaction.


Are you interested in painting? Then DailyArt is for you. Information about thousands of artifacts in its archive, biographies of hundreds of artists and collections of 500+ museums around the world are now on your mobile phone. New works and content related to artists are added to the application every day. DailyArt also offers you Widget feature, which helps you fill yourself with art.

Google Arts & Culture

With this application owned by Google, you can easily access the cultural wealth and art of the world from your mobile devices. Compiling the entire archive of 2000+ cultural institutions from 80+ countries, Google provides you with the opportunity for cultural development with this mobile application. You can also edit your photos from the mobile application or participate in online museum tours.


Who wouldn't want a strong mental health? One of the best ways to achieve this is meditation, and with Meditopia it is now very easy on your mobile devices. You can access dozens of contents prepared by experts with the mobile application that helps you to take a short break and have a good sleep with daily meditation sessions. A must-have mobile application for a clean mind.


If you want to continue your personal development process in different languages, thanks to Memrise, it is possible to learn 10+ foreign languages quickly and permanently with regular use! Unlike traditional foreign language learning applications, Memrise also includes interesting video content for its users, exercises that make it easy to use daily language, and special skills and reminder tests.


Do you want to adopt good habits and get rid of habits that harm you? Thanks to Habitify, you can organize your habits about health, daily routines, foods and drinks or things to do with daily notifications that you can personalize. Thanks to its widget usage feature, it is possible to keep your goals in mind constantly.


Piri is a mobile audio travel guide! In the archive of the application, you can receive audio guidance services for many different excursions and cultural locations around the world. It tells you great stories, and you don't have to be there to access the archive! You can choose the location through the application and immediately access the wonderful knowledge of the master guides.


SoloLearn, a mobile application that may appear frequently on the Google Play award-winning apps list, has been specially designed for those who want to learn to code. You can learn many different coding languages such as HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, JQuery, Python, Java, Kotlin, C ++ with different trainings for each level.


If you want to develop your mind and body in a coordinated way, you can apply to a tradition of thousands of years. Yoga Studio combines 80+ video and basic yoga sets. With the offline use feature, you can follow your daily and weekly programs wherever you want and create a Yoga program suitable for your level.

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