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Rising Trend: In-House Mobile Applications


Rising Trend: In-House Mobile Applications

In the corporate world, companies increasingly care about integrating technologies into their business processes and trying developing technologies. Especially with the pandemic process, digitization, online and mobilization of businesses has become a great necessity. With the freedom of time and space provided by mobile devices, institutions now prefer mobile applications more. Among the rising trends, we examine in-house mobile applications in this article.

Corporate closed-circuit mobile applications are frequently preferred by companies in two ways, the first is the applications that facilitate the interaction between the employees to accelerate the business processes, and the second segment is the applications that are provided by the companies to their customers and accessed with designated user information.

  • Applications that Mobilize Business Processes:

These are mobile applications that support you to control and organize your company's workflow mobile. Thanks to in-house mobile applications, you can follow your business operations on mobile devices and create a healthy communication and interaction environment between departments and employees. You can also integrate your mobile application with corporate management systems such as CRM and ERP. Thus, managers can access company information from any location and provide supervision. In cases where your employees need to be online and mobile, they can access company information from their designated accounts. With this system, your work flow ensures seamless continuity.

Not only large-scale companies but also SMEs may need to move their workflows to the mobile environment. Such a system can be adapted and developed for any small or large institution.

Some companies are also trying to develop closed-circuit mini mobile applications for private company events, departments or even seasonal campaigns.

  • Corporate Mobile Applications That Help You Stay in Active Communication with Your Customers:

Now, it is very important for the sustainability of brands that institutions and brands stay in active and continuous communication with their customers. If you do not have an application open to public use in the markets, you can also consider developing a closed-circuit mobile application specific to your company's customers. Your corporate mobile application provides you with the advantage of developing customer-oriented custom solutions.

With the information and data integrated into mobile devices, you create a useful and functional interaction space for your customers. You can provide interactive catalogs through your mobile application and send notifications to your customers that will provide direct communication about your products and services.

Take your place in the mobile world now to move your company's workflow to mobile, or to offer your customers a customized experience. Contact the AppLogist team through our contact forms to request a project and offer, and we will create the most suitable mobile application project for you.

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