Uzaktan Çalışma Hakkında Ne Düşünüyoruz? [infografik] - AppLogist What Do We Think About Remote Working? [infographic]

What Do We Think About Remote Working? [infographic]

What Do We Think About Remote Working? [infographic]

As AppLogist, we care about protecting our health which has been our primary priority while avoiding disruption of our business and work from home. #Remoteworking is a new experience for us as well as many companies trying to adapt to change. During this process, we wondered how our colleagues approached the situation and what they thought, and we conducted a survey.

Are we happy to work at home? What are we satisfied with, what are we not satisfied with? What has changed in our lives during this period, we have answered all these questions. The details of the survey results are in the infographic!

Let's take a look at the answers.

To the question of are you happy with working at home, the answers were:

  • 45% Very Satisfied
  • 35% Satisfied
  • 10% Didn't Affect Me Much
  • 10% Not Very Satisfied

We also observed from the answers to other questions that the majority can adapt to the process of working at home and work on creating a working environment at home.

The factors that make my teammates the most happy about working at home are,

  • To have freedom of movement,
  • Having gained the time spent on the road,
  • Managing time as they wish

And of course,

  • Sleeping More 😊

The most upsetting situations for the AppLogist team when working remotely are,

  • Being separated from the office environment,
  • To be separated from colleagues,
  • Feeling alone
  • Anti-ergonomic working environment.

It is certain that working from home makes big changes in the general routine of our lives! 67% of our team thought that their efficiency in work production increased, and almost all of the team mainly stated that they had a healthier living routine.

As an institution that provides technology and software services to brands in Digital Transformation processes, we quickly adapted to the remote working process thanks to our digital infrastructure. Still, almost the entire team states that they miss being together in the office environment and working with pleasure as a team. We hope that the people of our country and the world will overcome this pandemic process as soon as possible and we will go back to our normal and happy days quickly.

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