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Do I Need UX / UI Service? - Part 2


Do I Need UX / UI Service? - Part 2

In our previous article, we talked about what UX and UI are. You can read the first article of the series here In this article, we will talk about the service models you can get to manage these projects better;

  • What if I work with a Freelance UX?

Since you will pay a single person, the budget will be low, but you may encounter a few problems. For example; How many people will you work with for all these works, If you are going to work with more than one person, how will you ensure the coordination between them, will you be able to control the works submitted to you?

  • Can I receive UX / UI services from the company that developed my project?

Of course. However, we should say that; While some developers have a larger UX / UI team, some developers may have one employee for all UX / UI work. If you wonder why does this matter; The more detailed your UX team is, the more detailed the work will be. It can be difficult for a one-man team to manage a very detailed work, as the detail in the need increases, the number of people in the team should increase - and the wages you pay naturally will increase.

  • What if i work with an agency for UX, separate from from the company developed my project?

UX agencies have employees in almost all positions and they have a lot of experience in each sector because they have produced work for many sectors. They can draw you a detailed road map and carry out all the applications in this regard. Consequently, they may require high budgets. But don't be afraid. After meeting with the UX agency and determining your needs, you can also create a work schedule within your budget. 

  • What if i start my own UX team?

Of course, you can set up a UX team yourself in the later stages. However, we recommend that you thoroughly question whether you want or really need to use a budget and time resource to start a UX team from the first stage.


If you still cannot decide what the service model you need to set up, we have prepared a question set below that we hope will make it easier for you to decide. We hope that what we will write here can guide you on how to manage the UX service;

With which service model should you manage the UX / UI service ?;

I am / am not in a competitive industry

I am in an industry focused on user behavior such as e-commerce and finance.

It is very critical / not for me that the user spends longer time in the app

I sell products in my app and it is critical / not too critical for me to sell more.

I just started, I do not have many / no competitors.

I don't have a budget / I have a budget


If your answers are as follows; I am not in a competitive sector, I am not in a user-oriented sector, it is not that critical for me that my users spend time in the application, if you say I do not sell, I have no competitors, I have no budget, you can do your experience in less detail with a more basic service and complete interface designs. However, if your answers are in the opposite direction, you will need a much more detailed UX&UI study.


To sum up; Not having UX or UI work while developing a mobile application is like a time bomb. It may seem like you don't have a problem today, but if you don't know what the experience you are offering and you don't have a constant effort for the better, you don't know when your bomb will explode. In order to prevent this from happening, we hope that with this article, we have been able to make the UX&UI concepts more understandable and help you start deciding on the service model that suits your needs.

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