UX/UI Hizmetine İhtiyacım Var Mı? - Bölüm 1 - AppLogist Do I Need UX / UI Service? - Part 1

Do I Need UX / UI Service? - Part 1


Do I Need UX / UI Service? - Part 1

Why did we focus on this issue as an AppLlogist while there were a lot of resources on the internet about what is UX or what is the difference between UX and UI? Because we know with experience that the main question in the mind of our customers who are considering making a mobile application is whether they need such a service or how they should manage this service, rather than what UX and UI are. For this reason, in the first article of this series, we will examine what UX&UI is and how you can manage these works in the second article.

First things first; UX and UI are the works you should definitely do if you are developing a mobile application.


Because only with user experience;

  • You will be sure that you are making the right product in the right way.
  • If there are very critical issues for you(for example, if you are making an e-commerce application, you want users to spend more time in your application) you can work on these issues completely but with a correct UX study.
  • You will become more competitive than your opponents.
  • You would make an application that the users like, which allows users to use your mobile application more and be more tolerant in case of any mistakes.

Even though these are the main benefits, the benefits of UX are countless.

However, everyone's mobile application is different and resources like time and budget are limited. For this reason, we strongly recommend that you do these works, but in a way however you see fit to your needs.


We understood that UX&UI is very important, but what exactly they do;

Our aim in the first part is to ensure that basic concepts are understood.. That's why we won't go into too much detail. But for those who want to do more in-depth research on this subject, we recommend that you to follow Userspots and Sherpa's blogs.


First of all, the terms;

UX: stands for User Experience.

For example; “I have an e-commerce site. Does my user spend enough time on the site, can they find the products they want in the fastest and easiest way possible, do they encounter any problems during the purchase? " such questions are included in the field of UX.

UI: stands for User Interface.

It covers topics on how the digital interface will look. For example; “I have an e-commerce site. Has the site been designed correctly, are the colors used correctly, what happens if the button is a different color in the interface where the purchase is made? " such questions are included in the field of UXI.


However, when we go into detail, these concepts are very detailed. They even have different sub-folds within themselves. For example, the main concepts of UX are as follows;

  • UX Research: Covers research on user experience
  • UX Design: It covers draft works called Wireframe. So they are basic works on how your screen will look.
  • UX Writing: covers the writing of the texts in the interface read by the user.


In other words, UX and UI are two issues that are different from each other and divided into branches as we go into detail. So the question is; What detail work do you need? Because you can work on different needs with different service models. Knowing your options better can help you make your decision easier. You can take a look at our second post here to see your options better.

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