Siz konsept mi değiştirdiniz yoksa? - AppLogist Did you change the concept?

Did you change the concept?

Did you change the concept?

We got a lot of questions after our post two weeks ago. “As if you guys are posting something else? What happened? ”,“ Why did you change the concept? ”,“ We ​​liked the news, won't you publish it anymore? ” etc..


Spoiler alert! Yes, we have changed the concept. Let's explain…


Here we go...

We had a purpose in our mobile expertise journey that we embarked on in December 2018, almost a year ago, when we published our first newsletter "There is something I learned from 2018"; To share our journey stories we have accumulated with everyone and to thank our companions who accompanied us in this process… For this reason, we shared with you what we did during the first half of 2019, we talked about our projects, our colleagues, happy news, success and failure. During this time, we shared 6 news and 5 information via mail, linkedin and instagram with you. All this communication reached approximately 3,500 people and 15,000 views. We know our business with numbers, but we always try to go beyond numbers. For this reason, it was the verbal or written feedback we received from you that made us the most happy, rather than the number of interactions. We felt our concept of journey was appreciated and we thank all of you for the support.


So why are you changing then? ..


We are a team that likes to share. As we started and wrote the newsletters, we realized that we actually had a lot to share and that we could only share a small part of it in the newsletters. The feedback we received from you was "Very well written, so I have a question in my mind, what do you think about it?" We have realized that our readers wnat to hear more from us. As we continued to write the newsletters, more and more questions came from you, and we realized that the questions on people's minds are actually very similar. When we realized this, the road we had to go started to take shape. For this reason, we have devoted the last few months to designing the fiction of the questions that you are looking for answers to and that we can answer.
So the journey begins...


What happens now?


We have noticed that the questions asked to us for 8 years are collected from certain categories. First we separated these categories. While creating these categories, we give all our colleagues, our customers, our employees, our solution partners, and anyone who can be a companion to us in the future, namely companies, entrepreneurs, students, etc. In short, we tried to touch every segment. For this reason, a person who has never had a mobile application, an institution that has worked with many agencies for years, or a student who is considering working in the mobile application sector will be able to find answers to his questions in these news. We will publish in interview format as we attach importance not only to prose, but also to first-person transmission. The best part of this is that we will be able to include the comments of our employees and solution partners as well as our company partners.

Finally, since we will archive our articles on our website, we will have a format where you can read the subject you want whenever you want. By the way, did we mention that we are updating our website? 🙂


Here are the plans. I hope we have been able to create a format that everyone benefits from 🙂

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