Salgın Sürecinde Hangi “Bilişim ve Teknoloji” Alanları Geleceğe Yön Verecek? Which "Informatics and Technology" Areas Will Shape the Future During Pandemic?

Which "Informatics and Technology" Areas Will Shape the Future During Pandemic?

Which "Informatics and Technology" Areas Will Shape the Future During Pandemic?

In the past 20 years, information and technology has taken our lives beyond what was imagined. 20 years ago we acquired habits that we could not even imagine. Communication, media, business world, home life and even outdoors, the internet has become one of the indispensable basic needs of our lives. We celebrate "Informatics", the first step of the technology that provides all these comfort and facilities, in the first week of every May!

This year we are looking at informatics and technology from a slightly different perspective than others. A concept that most of us may not have heard of before came and settled into the daily language of the humanity of the world, "Pandemic". Due to the risk of epidemic disease, we quarantined ourselves in a safe area in our homes. So what happened? All of our daily habits, our social life, our work routine were faced with the danger of ending and stopping. Imagine a world where there is no internet at all. In that world, would such a rapid adaptation be possible in a time and space dependent environment where all communication is face-to-face and all data is recorded only by human effort? The answer is clear, absolutely not.

Apart from mobile applications, software and the internet, the epidemic process has made humanity thankful even to scientists who discovered radio waves a century and a half ago. Fortunately, all these technological developments have taken place and the internet and mobile world has been so advanced that most of the world has been able to manage crisis online for months today. At this point, we think about the future. Technologies that we discussed a few months ago about what works or whether they are really useful are saving lives today. As the Applogist team, we, who contribute to the world of information and technology with what we have produced in the field of software, have compiled our predictions about the technologies of the future, data from the last month and some news from technology giants.

Location Based Applications and the Power of Data

"Giant" Collaboration in Pandemic - Apple and Google came together for Contact Tracking Technology. Technology giants, which serve with mobile applications developed for information and communication about the COVID19 pandemic, together with the health ministries and authorized units of the countries, will be a comprehensive partner that includes APIs (application programming interfaces) and operating system-level technologies to help track contacts in order to further preparation for a solution.

Mobile Applications

In the first quarter of 2020, the spending in app stores increased by 20% with the effect of the coronavirus and reached $ 23.4 billion, an increase of more than 30 percent was observed on a quarterly basis. The number of game downloads on Google Play increased by 25 percent compared to the previous year to nearly 10 billion, and on iOS, it increased by 25 percent in the first quarter to over 3 billion.

Why is that? Because we fulfill almost all of our basic needs such as shopping, logistics and communication via mobile applications. The importance of mobility and user-friendly experience is once again understood when life is completely online.

Robot Technologies

With robot technologies, we met examples of Amazon's delivery robot Scout, Yandex's delivery robot Yandex.Rover, especially in the field of delivery. In these days when physical contact is extremely risky, the importance of this technology is understood, but news from China has increased the interest in robot technology. In China, the epicenter of the virus, robots with 5G hardware will be used for face recognition, fire control and delivery.

Cloud Technologies

The importance of digital transformation and transferring data to digital infrastructures and cloud systems has once again emerged with the pandemic process. It is also observed from the sales figures of cloud providers that many institutions have increased their investments in this regard. On the other hand, the rise of data had already begun as of the end of 2019. More investments were made in the sector compared to last year with Amazon and Microsoft, which increased the data center capacity.

It is also aimed to strengthen the infrastructure due to remote working and therefore increasing applications. IBM stated that they are trying hybrid models with customers who invest in tools such as remote working, automation, new applications, and that Microsoft Teams alone increased the number of daily users from 32 million to 44 million between March 11 and 18.

Drone Technologies

Project Wing, the drone delivery service of Alphabet, Google's parent company, doubled the orders it received due to the coronavirus. Wing, which doubled its orders in the USA and Australia during this period when people were at home due to the pandemic, made more than a thousand deliveries in the last two weeks.

Autonomous Vehicles

The use of self-driving - autonomous - vehicles has been discussed frequently in recent years. Self-driving vehicles, which are being used in the USA and China, have once again come to the top of the automotive agenda. It turned out that advanced autonomous vehicles are necessary for these days when physical distance is preserved and offer an effective solution against the coronavirus epidemic. Mobility company Beep has started to deliver coronavirus tests to hospitals with autonomous vehicles in the State of Florida, USA. In Arizona, a Start-Up named Nuro delivers products with autonomous vehicles. Other companies in China are also preparing for courier service or cargo transportation with autonomous vehicles.

3D Printer Technologies

Many young initiatives that make R&D on 3D printers and take part in incubation centers have taken a big step in terms of both social responsibility and technology with their initiatives in the production of masks and protective caps in our country since the epidemic process began. It is predicted that investments in 3D printers, which stand at an interesting point among the technologies of the future, will increase after the pandemic.

Online Platforms

Trainings, events and social communication are now completely online! In this context, the number of downloads and usage of video conferencing applications, online games and experience platforms is breaking records. IBM opened free digital education platform Open P-Tech to users in Turkey in this process. Open P-TECH informs young people about technology as well as professional skills such as resume writing.


On the other hand, WhatsApp is preparing to take a bigger share of the video calling market by allowing video calls to be made with up to 8 people. Collaborative viewing, listening, reading applications - such as Netflix Party - digital content platforms have already made their mark among the rising stars of the future.

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