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Online Education Mobile Applications

Online Education Mobile Applications

Mobile applications offered an online and rapid solution to our business and education needs during the pandemic process. Social distancing and isolation conditions gave us more time at home, which created new spaces for our personal growth. While the traffic and membership statistics of online education sites increased, it was observed in the market data that sites with mobile applications were preferred more. In this article, we have listed the most popular online education mobile applications, which have recently become prominent, highly rated by users and become popular.


  • Udemy: Thousands of experts, tens of thousands of trainings! Udemy is a great resource with 65+ language options, offering online education with video from experts in every field from software and finance to career development, spiritual and personal development, arts and hobbies. Although Udemy is a paid application, it allows you to find eduation in the relevant field according to every budget. Take time to improve with Udemy, which has received high credibility scores and unique reviews from both experts, corporate partners and users.


  • Coursera: The mobile application contains thousands of courses from more than 140 educational institutions from the world's best universities. It is possible to get online license and certificate programs on Coursera with a wide range of course content, from developing software that will guide you in your career development, from data science courses to artistic fields such as music and photography.


  • Khan Academy: Again, it is a highly rated mobile application in application markets where you can find professional course content in many specialties from art to science. The application, which has many language options, can also be used in Turkish. Another feature that makes Khan Academy stand out is that you can find the course contents in categories according to academic classes and access the courses with an appropriate narration for the relevant degree. You can also choose the mobile application as a complement to academic education processes.


  • Duolingo: It is a fun and useful mobile application for those who want to learn languages. Receiving great results from its users around the world, the application supports language learning with a personalized approach to the language you speak. Used by millions of users to learn English, Duolingo also uses audio and visual processes to support learning with fun games. It's free!


  • Bonus! Quizizz: It's a great way to learn new information while having fun! The application does not have Turkish language options yet, but it is possible to enjoy the application with basic English knowledge. Moreover, if you want, you can also create questions and share them with your loved ones.

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