Ocak ayı bitti bile :) - AppLogist January is already over :)

January is already over :)

January is already over :)

We left behind the first month of 2019. January 2019 passed by working, producing and, most beautifully, new hopes. With our agenda in January, we have many reasons to be hopeful for the future 🙂

Let's give news from us first.

As of January, we have agreed to start our projects with one of the leaders of the logistics industry and a new player from the startup ecosystem. We welcome them to the AppLogist family.

In addition, two new friends joined our team. With Ozan Avni Kaplan and Alican Aydemir, who will serve as Android Developer, we grew even stronger and stronger.

Our work to settle in our new office floor continues at full speed. We seem to have completed almost everything, but if you come to visit us with a mug, we will not say no 🙂

And one of the best developments of January. The GastroClub, whose application we developed, was sold to Multinet. We take great pride in accompanying the GastroClub team on this amazing journey for 4 years…. To many more successes by working together and producing together ...

There is another issue that we want to draw your attention to in January. January 07-14 was known as White Cane Week. As professionals developing applications, we wanted to remember our responsibilities in this regard and to raise awareness about what we can do.

Let's not forget, the visually impaired make up a significant percentage of our users. Moreover, this percentage increases when we consider the color blind and partially visually impaired people. In addition to the tools that enable the blind to access digital content, there are many free tools that measure the readability, contrast differences and color blindness analysis of our interfaces that we have designed, so let's not ignore the problems of the visually impaired. Let's not forget that we are all candidates for disabilities.

January 2019….

Our new companies, our new friends, our new office and ultimately the GastroClub.

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