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Why Do We Shop From Mobile Applications?

Why Do We Shop From Mobile Applications?

In a study conducted by Google in 2015, it has announced that the mobile market is growing and promising in E-Commerce processes. Since that day, the market share of mobile commerce is gradually increasing with the developments in mobile technologies and unexpected situations such as the acceleration of life and pandemics. Brands are in a race to take part in the mobile world, and their E-Commerce infrastructures are evaluated on mobile compatibility.

According to a recent survey of smartphone shoppers, half of users prefer mobile shopping because of ease of use and the other half for opportunities and campaigns. When looking at the survey results on mobile shopping, it is observed that almost everything is purchased from mobile and even mobile applications on a scale ranging from technology, cosmetics, clothing, decoration and furniture, to daily household needs and personal care. Another information that stands out is that users closely follow special discounts, especially on occasions, campaigns and special days.

So, Why Do We Shop From Mobile Applications?


  • We can reach the store 24/7 online and mobile: In traditional merchandising, when the store is overtime, the shutter closes and the communication between the customer and the seller is cut off. With the concept of online merchandising, after entering our internet life, we can reach the product we want to buy at any time. With mobile stores, we can reach brands and products anytime and anywhere from our mobile devices. Moreover, we can pay for our shopping easily and safely with one click.


  • We Use Mobile Applications Throughout the Day: Using mobile applications is now a natural routine of our daily lives. We spend at least 5 hours a day using at least 2 different applications on our mobile device. As this mobile habit sits, we tend to handle shopping easily through apps without physical effort. As the brands meet these needs of the users correctly and appear correctly in front of the relevant user, we support the sales action, often attract campaigns and we can even buy unplanned products.


  • We Are Exposed To Direct Marketing With Mobile Applications: We create our own account by providing certain user information when we are online in each mobile application. In this way, the application records individual user behavior by tracking data and can offer special campaigns and opportunities to each individual user. The data that is important in the marketing strategy, from the products we like to our shopping frequency, is updated as we shop, and the app shows us more and more consistent and spot-on products and services. This supports us in making the purchasing decision and makes the purchasing action more frequent.


  • We Buy with One Click: Mobile applications are by their nature more compact and faster structures. When we want to access a brand or product, it is enough to open the application and make a small search, after a short confirmation process, we can easily order and follow-up.


  • We Are Welcomed With A Great User Experience Design: Mobile applications are shaped in accordance with the trends of the user and the strategy of the brand by their nature in the design process. In the mobile application, which comes up with a wonderful design, we can make pleasant shopping with the right directions. We can quickly find what we are looking for, grasp the interface easily and adapt quickly.


  • We Get Used to Shopping from Mobile Applications and We Build Trust: In every shopping we do, when we get answers to our questions quickly, we get used to the mobile experience. We develop trust in applications in every shopping that results in happiness. As we get used to the comfort of shopping from mobile applications, we become too lazy to browse the stores, compare products for hours on the Internet, instead we instantly meet our needs by clicking on the opportunity banners.


In this way, the place of e-commerce in the mobile world is getting stronger and brands are adapting to mobile more and more.

If you have a brand and are not yet compatible with mobile devices, you should immediately take your place in the mobile world in order to increase your sales rates, improve your customer base, and establish stronger communication with your audience. It doesn't matter whether your brand is big or small, having a presence on mobile will bring you many advantages. Contact the AppLogist team now to create your own mobile store.



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