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Our Process

We are an award-winning digital transformation company backed with passion and purpose.

Idea Development

Determine your institution's needs and goals, let us discover the most suitable project for you and come up with creative ideas.

Project Analysis and Scoping

Our Business Development team will actively communicate with your corporate representatives and prepare a roadmap by determining the project scope and project requirements.

Prototype Preparation

Let our business development and design teams share a prototype study with you on how the project will be finalized with mutual approvals and how it will look when it is finished.


Let our business development and implementation teams develop an integrated business plan and a scheduled business map, making project management easy for you.



Let our design team make all the design knowledge and experience visible in wireframe and mock-ups so that the end user can experience the most pleasant and comfortable experience in line with your needs.


With our expert developer staff, the software stages of your project are completed, and your application is implemented.

Quality and User Tests

Usage and quality tests are carried out with the active participation of your institution representatives. Let your project reach a flawless structure of 99% and ensure its sustainability.


After the mutual approval of your institution and the developer team, your application will be published. While your application, which is available for download in the markets, reaches the end user, all you have to do is watch with pride how your business grows!


Project Initiation and Bidding

We organize a meeting with you by conducting a preliminary study in line with your demands. At the meeting, we analyze your needs in depth and prepare a list of requirements. By getting the approvals of the requirement list, we share the service offer and project scope work with you. After agreeing on project delivery date, process and budget, we transfer the project management process to our development team.


Application Development and Reporting

As a technology agency at the center of digital transformation, AppLogist integrates Agile processes into its projects. Using the Scrum method, one of the Agile process management systems, we divide your project into two-week periods and report the products and results at the end of each period. With this system, you can easily follow up the process and participate in the development phase. We repeat the quality control tests at every stage of development with your feedback; We make the product ready before proceeding with user tests.


Release and Aftermath

After the development and testing processes are successfully completed, your application is loaded to the markets. We are starting your 30-day warranty period against problems that may arise after the applications are published. After the end of the warranty period, we continue to support the sustainability of your application by making a support agreement. As part of the support, we update at least once a month and guarantee the smooth running of the application.