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What are the Requirements for Making a Mobile Application?

What are the Requirements for Making a Mobile Application?

With smart devices becoming an indispensable part of our lives, the number of options that brands can reach their potential customers through these devices has increased in number, making mobile applications has become almost an essential need for brands. Thanks to the mobile applications developed under many categories such as entertainment, sports, art, social media, health, shopping, it is possible for people to meet their daily needs in minutes through an application.

In the commercial part of the use of mobile applications, since all kinds of applications from all sectors will fully appeal to users will increase the frequency of use, brands are improving their brand recognition by making professional mobile applications by following the rising financial value and opportunities at this point.

It is a known fact that a brand needs a mobile application that can reach its users in the easiest way and meet the needs of its users through mobile regardless of the sector. While the mobile application to be developed is so important, the mobile software company to be selected during the development phase is also of great importance. Collaborating with mobile application developer companies that have good references in the field and work with professional teams will carry the brand to better places in terms of success.

What are the Processes of Making a Mobile Application?

What you need to make a mobile app , it is not quite right to present a fixed list of needs for every sector and every need. The most correct step to take in this area is to determine the need to make an application that will serve on which platform in which sector, and at the same time to determine the customer needs accurately and to design an interface suitable for it.

Another step in the mobile application development processes, for which these priorities are determined, is to determine which operating system the application will be available on. Today, mobile systems, which are divided into two as IOS operating system and Android operating system, need different encodings and different versions for mobile applications to be improved. Sub-branches such as designs, images, graphics, language option and application tools to be used after the specified operating system must be created correctly.

Making Mobile Application for IOS Operating System

Mobile applications to be developed for mobile devices with the IOS operating system must comply with a number of criteria that Apple has presented to application developers. The use of XCode for the applications to be developed, as well as the C++ language and Objective-C language, must be used in the development processes. At the same time, the initial fees must be paid to the brand side in order for the applications to be developed and downloaded from the App Store, which the brand offers to users for purchase. Mobile applications that will serve in the IOS database are required to pay a certain amount to Apple.

Making Mobile Application for Android Operating System

Applications developed for Android operating systems must also be suitable for download via Google Play as software. Compared to the IOS operating system, the Android operating system provides more convenience in terms of usage, and changes can be made more easily on the mobile software developed for Android.

It is possible to say that JAVA and C++ are used as software languages ​​in Android mobile applications. In addition, mobile application developer tools such as Eclipse and Android Studio can be used easily.