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Mobile Application Development and Operations

Mobil uygulama geliştirme

Mobile Application Development and Operations

Mobile Applicationshave started to play an active role in our lives with the launch of smartphones. Users can easily access products or services through these applications. Corporate companies can interact with their customers much more easily thanks to the applications they have developed in accordance with their own mass users.

Therefore, the need for a mobile application has increased. With the widespread use of technological infrastructures today, it has become easier to develop applications of the desired type.

Application Development Operations

One of the most important steps is mobile application design, the project should be handled in detail and planning should be acted in a way that all requirements can be met. If we list the application development processes;

  • Choosing a user-friendly interface,
  • Integration of Mockup and Wireframe adaptations
  • Drawing a design scheme compatible with the project and the brand,
  • Compatibility with IOS and Android operating systems,
  • Work stages such as observing how the application gives feedback through tests can be mentioned.

While developing mobile applications, the expert designers of the companies generally work in accordance with these parts and departments. At each step, they integrate the strongest foundations into the application's infrastructure.

IOS and Android Compatibility

Mobile applications to be developed must be compatible with iOS and Android operating systems in all aspects. Because mobile devices designed today generally have a functionality predominantly in this operating system.

Firms developing mobile applicationsare designed and developed in accordance with the recommended codes. Companies coding using native languages ​​allow the software infrastructures of their applications to be longer than normal.

Brand Compatible Design

While designing mobile applications, it should always be prepared in an identical way with the relevant brand. Because the image created for people is very important for the brand.

Therefore, as well as being able to draw attention visually, the relevant application should also represent the brand in the best way in this context. Graphic and visual arrangements should also be done carefully at this point.

Feedbacks of Applications

The efficiency of the designed mobile applications should be checked after they are put into use and a performance test should be done. If there is an error in the system, this should be fixed and the mobile application should be given the highest performance in terms of efficiency.