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Mobile Application Developing Firms and Their Works

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Mobile Application Developing Firms and Their Works

At the point where today's technology and business world converge, it is possible to talk about the importance of websites and social media as well as mobile applications. Companies that develop mobile applications that are aware of the situation pay attention to developing highly efficient and easy-to-use mobile applications by taking advantage of the latest technological infrastructures.

These companies, which produce special solutions for StartUp, corporate companies and SMEs, handle the process in 5 stages while creating a mobile application needed in the digital field. They offer a complete working system to their business partners as analysis, design, server developments, mobile application developments and project follow-up after the project is published.

What are the Working Stages of Mobile Application Developing Firms?

Mobile application development processes as mentioned above, is handled in 5 stages. During the coding phase of the project, a progress report is prepared every two weeks and the results are shared with the client. All processes of the application developed by the companies within the service are actively communicated with the service client and conveyed in detail, and a very transparent business process is carried out with feedback and reporting.

The most accurate and effective method is decided in line with the requests from the institutions. The teams responsible for developing and advancing the project continue to work without slowing down by keeping in touch with the client and creating a roadmap for the needs and progress of the project.

Design teams step in at this point and provide information to the customer about how the mobile application will look in outline, how the standards like ease of use and visual advantages will be at the end. At the same time, possible scenarios are tested on prototypes by creating mock-ups to make the application completely user-friendly.

With the team work undertaking the development part, the software stages are completed quickly and the mobile application is easily implemented. In this process, both the team developing the mobile application and the customer can be in the same page about the sustainability of the application by experiencing usage tests and quality tests.

After consensus, customer acceptance tests are carried out and the application is published. iOS and Android compatible mobile applications are downloaded from the application stores of the phones and made available for everyone to use.