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Must-Haves of Mobile Commerce

Must-Haves of Mobile Commerce

Mobile commerce has taken its place in the business world as an important concept with the increasing market share of mobile technologies and applications. If you have a business, it is a necessity to carry it to e-commerce and to do business on the internet. However, as a result of the latest developments and the unabated progress of technology, it is not enough to only trade on the web today. The fact that your business is represented in the mobile world and even that you have a mobile application that meets the needs of your customers is a factor that directly affects the success of your business.

You can choose three basic technical ways to be successful in mobile trading:

  • Represent Your Brand With A Mobile Application

With the widespread use of mobile devices, the area where customers interact with brands in the most natural way is the application markets. The most important reason why applications are preferred by users is the convenience, comfort and user experience it provides. Users can easily find products, compare prices, and easily track their cargo after ordering. In order to bring your brand to the top with good customer relations management accompanied by a well-designed user experience, you should implement your mobile application project without delay.

  • Adopt Mobile Assisted Merchandising

Adapt mobile technologies to your store. Physical stores are also moving away from their traditional structures. Research shows that stores where technology is used more and where the user experience is planned increase their sales and customer loyalty day by day. Create internet-based systems in your store where mobile devices can be easily used. Your customers can see the stock status of the warehouse, the price comparison of the product with their mobile devices on the screens placed in your store or via QR codes, and use the discount codes or digital coupons you give them. Make sure to use mobile technologies in every part of your strategy.

  • Support Mobile to Store System

An advantageous way to integrate mobile with your physical store is the mobile to store application. Some users still prefer to make their last purchase from a physical store. However, users can still use the mobile application to look at the products pre-shopping, get price information or search the location of the store.

For this reason, attracting customers to your store with a mobile application with improved user experience is an important opportunity that mobile provides for your brand.


Let's get to the marketing part of the job:

Let's say you have moved your brand to the digital environment in some way and adapted it to the mobile world with all your technical competence. As a result, many of your competitors will go through the digital transformation process and do the same applications. In this way, how will you increase your share in the market in the environment where competition is increasing?

Target Audience is the most critical concept in this process. Who is your product or service for and do you reach them with the right communication language and the right channels? If your answers to these questions are clear and positive, you are on the right track.

Now let's take a look at the 3 little tips that will make your job easier:

  • Include Social Media

Maintain an active presence in your brand's social media accounts, website and marketplaces. Every medium now has its own marketing strategies and algorithms. Develop the right communication strategy with your audience by getting support from professional teams. Taking your target audience into account, in which channels, how often and how should your brand establish communication?

In this way, you can observe the behavior of your potential audience in the media. By using advertising opportunities, you can get detailed analysis with advertising tools. Therefore, with a mobile application adapted to other digital platforms, you can actively use advertising and marketing tools and evaluate these data in marketing processes.

  • Create Creative and Original Content

In the mobile world, you should analyze your audience and observe their usage habits whenever you encounter with your target audience. It is a great advantage to use the environments where your audience is frequently found on mobile to promote your products and services. Being creative and original in your discourse, offering quality visuals and new content will also strengthen your marketing strategy.

  • Make Accurate and Impressive Campaigns

Your brand will definitely have promotions, discounts and campaigns. You can reach your audience directly with the creative and well-planned notifications you send through your mobile application itself. However, you should definitely consider the expectations and trends of your target audience and use correct and effective language. Thus, you can increase your profitability rates in a short time.

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