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Favorite Health Apps 2020 by Market Points

Favorite Health Apps 2020 by Market Points

In the new normal period after the pandemic, health has naturally become our top priority in all areas of our lives. We have listed the applications that users like to follow for healthy eating, weight control, daily exercise, physical activity, and water consumption:

  • Google Fit

Google Fit stands out in terms of reliability compared to many applications in market reviews and ratings. With the application, you can keep track of your daily consumption and exercise, and you are supported by exercise programs specific to you. The application tracks and analyzes your movements simultaneously and guides you to the right exercise program through graphics.

  • FitWell

When you install the Fitwell app, it provides you with a detailed body mass index and analysis with the information it requests from you. With Fitwell, a smart fitness and health application, you can reach your goal through exercises and diet programs offered to you. The application receives high scores from users as a scientifically based and reliable mobile application.

  • Carb Manager

It is a free application that is fed from a large database where you can learn the nutritional values ​​of the foods you consume, protein, fat, vitamin, mineral and especially carbohydrate values. With Carb Manager, you can make your daily consumption healthy by analyzing everything you eat in detail.

  • BodyFast

It is an application where you can quickly see detailed statistics with more than 10 different diet plans, water consumption, weight and BMI tracking. With the subscription system in BodyFast, which is a free application, you can benefit from the nutrition program prepared by your diet coach individually for you online.

  • Diyet Kolik

It tries to reach your ideal weight by tracking the calories you take in a day, the water you consume and the amount of exercise you do. You can update your nutrition plans by comparing with the previous days, and you can make nutrition more enjoyable with the recipes in the application.

  • Fooducate

Changing eating habits can be difficult at times. 4 award-winning popular apps Fooducate offers you a diet program with fun and varied nutrition plans. In this way, you can adjust the amount of food you consume, add it to your plan and regulate your eating habits by getting healthy nutrition tips.

  • Foodvisor

The application works like a private nutrition coach for you. It helps your diet by supporting you in losing weight, calculating calories, creating and following daily exercise plans. When you take a photo of your plate before you start eating and upload it to the application, it provides you with information about the contents of the foods.

  • HabitMinder

HabitMinder, one of the popular applications, supports you in creating your healthy life plan by controlling your daily walk, the amount of water you take, your breathing pattern, your exercises and food. HabitMinder also supports you to create good sleep patterns.

  • MyFitnessPal2

The application, which has a huge database of over 6,000,000 foods and a great calorie counter, is updated every day. With MyFitnessPal2, you can access detailed tables of calories, carbohydrates, fat, sugar, fiber and cholesterol of your meals. Reinforce your healthy life habits with the application that offers you both your meal and exercise plan on a daily basis.

  • WaterMinder

WaterMinder presents your body's daily water need with a graph and calculates the amount of water lost. The application not only shows you the amount of water needed and lost, but also reminds you by sending a notification that you need to drink water during the day.


One of the rising trends in mobile applications is health applications. In addition to all its negative returns, the COVID-19 Coronavirus epidemic we experienced has also created a positive effect by prompting us to be more careful and attentive in the field of health. Our health is our most important asset, and continues to support transforming our industry habits and creating healthier societies with pleasant mobile applications.

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