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Why User Experience is so Important?

Why User Experience is so Important?

If you are investing in a website or mobile application, you want your users to spend a long time there, follow your targeted steps quickly, and make this interaction sustainable. Whether you convey information or aim to sell products or services, if you do not provide an easy-to-use and guiding design to your users, this may be a failure for your brand.

When creating a new product or service, you should anticipate the consumer's expectation and take the first step with design to meet this expectation. According to scenarios that anticipate users' natural inclinations, you should design your application as simple and clear as possible.

Remember, User Experience, or UX for short, is one of the factors that directly shape your brand's perception in the digital marketing world where competition is increasingly challenging. It is also key to user satisfaction and long-term value creation.


How to do it?

UX is a user-centered discipline. The job of a UX designer is to make the creative side of the application or website useful to the client. Sometimes aesthetic items may not be correct in terms of information flow and orientation. Focusing on a purely inspiring look can overlook the needs of the end user.

That's why you should test the ease of use of the website or application, how pleasant / difficult it is and the ease of flow during the design phase. Your aim should be to provide both a stylish design and ease of use to the user.


Why Is The Right UX Important?

- Reliability: A complex design can push the user. In some cases, this can make your site unreliable and cause the user not to want to make a purchase or provide payment information. At the same time, if the user has difficulty finding what they are looking for in your mobile application or website, they can quit after a while and exit.

- Ease of Use: Although the success of a digital channel depends on many variables, easy access to information is one of the most influential factors. For example, if a visitor to a website can navigate the site easily and actively interact with the content, they spend time on this website and make their purchasing decision faster.

- Sustainability: In order to keep users' communication with your brand alive in the long term, you need to ensure that users spend a long time on your website or app or log in frequently. For example, research shows that the longer the time spent on a website or app, the more likely it is to buy and convert. In order to gain more profit on your website or application, your website or mobile application must be designed with a sustainable understanding.


What are the Techniques Used?

There may be a lot of UX work to be done for the successful realization of the above items. Mentioning all of these is beyond the scope of this article, so we will talk about two concepts that we see that they can be applied incorrectly despite their frequent application;

- User Profile: The profiles of your users, also called persona which is groupings based on their behavior, needs, wishes, feelings and habits are very important when designing an application or website.
UX designers usually design one or more imaginary users. These user profiles are created in accordance with the needs and demands of the average customer profile of the brand. Each profile has its own needs and preferences. Thus, the product, website or application becomes appealing to different customers.

- Periodic Tests: It is critical to generate A/B test data and evaluate conversion rates for different designs, graphics and content interactions. Thus, in addition to generating data, you can track where, how, what interactions users are doing, identify problems and complex sections that need to be transformed, and improve the user experience.


To sum up, brands in Turkey care more about user experience and increase their investment in this field in recent years. More and more companies follow the footsteps of technology giants such as Amazon, Microsoft and Google, and create expert staff for user-oriented designs. Therefore, in today's world where competition is rapidly increasing, the criticality of user experience applications that combine the subtleties of design and technology is increasing for companies.

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