In line with the speed of technology, we want to be faster, more mobile and more free in all areas of our lives. This is an indispensable condition for SMEs who want to stand up and grow in business life, especially in difficult economic conditions. The integration of both digital transformation technologies and mobile technologies into business processes by SMEs can turn into great advantages.

Today, SMEs can digitize their business processes with cloud-based programs, and make and implement more sustainable and efficient business plans. Digital transformation and even "mobile" transformation are a must in order to make an SME stand out in the ecosystem. AppLogist content producers have compiled the most useful mobile applications in the business processes of SMEs for you in this article.

First of all, why should an SME prefer software and applications in business processes? It can be summarized with 4 basic items:

  • Facilitates in-house organization
  • Strengthens in-house and inter-departmental communication, makes follow-up fast
  • Facilitates in-house task distribution and job tracking
  • It makes company official records, financial tracking digital and fast.

4 Mobile Application Suggestions That Will Make Your Business and Organization Process Easier

  • Trello

It is a preferred project management tool to maintain organizational order. With Trello, you can track your business plans, target lists that have been made and in progress, assigned tasks according to people and the stage of the work on a single screen. You can assign tasks to your employees and share visuals and presentations through the company account. It also helps you carry your business process online thanks to the active communication of all users with each other. You can use Trello via its website interface or mobile application on your phone.

  • Slack

It is an intra-team communication tool used to facilitate internal communication in organizations with many departments and an increasing number of employees. Thanks to the application, you can follow all the conversations about the company from one place, create project and department-based groups, integrate cloud-based applications such as Dropbox, Google Drive or meeting applications such as Skype with your Slack application.

  • Mailchimp

Email marketing is one of the main veins of digital marketing and is gaining importance day by day. Mailchimp is an application that allows you to manage all this activity from a single channel and create campaigns. You can create special content for your existing customers or potential customers, and send special offers and campaigns to the target audience groups you have determined without much effort. It is also possible to gain an important insight into your customer portfolio with reliable statistics and reporting system.

  • GSuite

Developed by Google to be a solution for the digital needs of organizations, the application allows you to use it with a Google Drive, which you can receive with an e-mail of your company, without the need for any Office program. In GSuite, which is a paid application, you can find package services tailored to the needs of your business and choose the one that suits your budget. Moreover, it is possible to take advantage of the 2-week trial opportunity before purchasing.

  • SME-Specific Mobile Applications to Improve Your Knowledge and Network and Make Trade Easier

In today's economy where competition is increasing, you can use mobile applications to create awareness and network for your company, as well as benefit from these applications to learn the latest innovations in your field and develop collaborations. In addition, you should definitely use the privileges offered by mobile application technologies to increase your turnover and get a share from e-commerce and export fields. You should take advantage of the mobile applications that offer the best opportunities for your way of doing business with the applications listed below to improve your trade volume.

  • TEB Kobi TV
  • Ofisim Kobi Mobil
  • Weecomi Kobi
  • TurkishExporter Mobile
  • Kobi Vadisi

Dear SMEs, you can manage the project, planning and implementation processes with the AppLogist professional team to implement a mobile application specific to your institution that will increase the visibility of your organization in your growth process. You can contact us immediately and request a special project proposal for you.

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