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Our Services


Experience and Interface Design

As the AppLogist team, we try to understand the user base of the applications and the needs of our customers during the design process. Design studies that start with idea generation are first transferred to pencil wireframes as sketches. The designs are then adapted as digital mockups. After the customer revisions are taken and the Mockup designs are approved, the interface design is started. A meticulous and professional business plan is followed until reaching the designs seen by the end user.

Wireframe & Mockup Work

AppStore and Google Play Images

Interface Design

Experience Design

Icon Studies

Prototype Creation


iOS & Android Native Application Development

Native application: It is the name given to applications developed by coding as suggested by Apple and Google companies. Applications written in accordance with the recommended procedure provide high-quality results without compromising user experience and performance. Another advantage of native coding is that the software infrastructure is long-lasting and necessary additional improvements can be made without any problems. Native applications are not affected by version changes.

Agile Project Management (2-week sprints)

Coding with Java and Swift

Market Publishing Support

TV and Smart Watch Applications


Back-end and Web Improvements

The AppLogist team can produce end-to-end solutions with a focus on digital transformation. We think that it is necessary to master the process in all aspects to develop integrated projects. We provide the necessary CMS solutions for our customers to develop back-end (database / web service) and manage the system independently from us. We create turnkey projects with our professional team of 10 expert developers and 4 management experts.

Database Design

API Improvements


Management Panel

Server Management


Testing Process and Quality Assurance

Software development for tests and updates to fix possible errors is
one of the most important steps of the process. AppLogist team is in their ongoing work state with,
a continuous monitoring and reporting with a team in charge of the details
of the project.
When the development phase is completed, it opens the project to the acceptance test by including its customers in the test process; thus, we guarantee the end product is trouble free. We achieve 99% error-free rate in our projects thanks to this process.

Manual & Automatic Tests

Error Tracking (Crash Analytics)

User Tests

Error Correction

Monthly Updates