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Is There Really An App for Everything?

Is There Really An App for Everything?

Or let's say “I have a company / idea, I want to make a mobile application. But I don't know if the mobile application is the right solution for me. "

If you have a similar question in mind, you are in the right place;

The popularity of mobile apps

The number of people using smartphones in the world has reached 2.7 billion. American users check their phones every 12 minutes on average. Moreover, a rate of 10% checks their phones every 4 minutes. So what do you think they do when they look at their phones?

They are surfing within a mobile application at a rate of 90%.

It is not difficult to guess that Turkey is in a similar line of mobile application usage patterns. When the numbers are like this, it becomes very attractive for companies to have a mobile application built.

Source : https://buildfire.com/app-statistics/

What is the advantage of having a mobile application?

You can make sales through the app, keep in touch with your users, increase conversion rates, gain new users, increase the loyalty of your existing users, reduce the operational load and cost, optimize your processes, contact your customers directly and solve their problems.

You can do all of these together.

Or you may not be able to do any of these.

The financial return you get from the mobile application depends entirely on your company and what you need. The more your needs match with the nature of the mobile application, the more you will have the above advantages or the more you will increase the return you get from an advantage.

What is the nature of the mobile application?

The mobile application has a natural advantage; being on mobile phones. This means that your customer takes your brand wherever they go.

But remember this. No matter how often we check our phones, we do not solve our problem with mobile phones. According to Google's micro moments report (which is the subject of another post :)), your customer must have some motivation to open the app on a mobile phone;

  • I want to know'' Moments

Users prefer mobile applications that deliver the information they want the fastest way.

  • I want to go'' Moments

It is related to the need not only to get a person from one place to another, but also to obtain all kinds of information based on location.

  • I want to do'' Moments

It is associated with situations where consumers seek immediate help to do something or do something new.

  • I want to buy'' Moments

No explanation needed i guess 🙂

Source : https://www.thinkwithgoogle.com/marketing-resources/micro-moments/micro-moments-understand-new-consumer-behavior 


Therefore, if your company wants to make a mobile application for one of the 4 motivations above, it will find its return on the customer side and it will be an application that your customers will love.

In short, if you want to make a mobile application, but you are wondering whether the mobile application is the right solution for you, ask yourself the above questions: If you say "Yes, I can meet this need of users with my mobile application", congratulations and welcome to the sector of companies with mobile applications. However, if you are not sure that your mobile application will bring a solution to the above needs, maybe it will be more useful for you to consider another solution.

(You can use the same motivations as a verification tool when you are unsure about updating your mobile app. So you want to refresh your mobile app, but you are not completely sure. In such a case, ask yourself, do the changes you want to make significantly differentiate you from your competitors for at least one of the above motivations. If your answer is yes, you are probably on the right track.)


We would like to say one last thing. Of course, it is nice for your customers to use your mobile app. However, there will be a few more points to consider.

Getting the customer to open a mobile application and having the application downloaded to the customer or perpetuating its use are different things. Of course, these two items are the subject of another article 🙂

We hope we have been able to provide you with answers to your questions about whether the mobile application is the right platform for you :)

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