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E-Commerce Applications and Digital Market

E-Commerce Applications and Digital Market

The change in traditional market accelerated with the practices that started about 10 years ago. Digital brands that offer online shopping to their customers in a reliable, high-quality manner and make their customers feel that they are on their side with active customer communication after sales have taken this trend further with e-commerce sites. Our "new normal" habits that started with the pandemic enabled the online market to reach its peak.

In the last blog post of May, we examined the change in e-commerce habits after COVID19 and shared the basic steps of moving your brand to the digital market and making an e-commerce site & application. Take a step into the digital world today with your brand!

In the data announced before the pandemic, it was predicted that in 2021, online sales would increase by 95% and reach 4.7 trillion dollars. While the demand for online shopping increased after Coronavirus, the highest growth was experienced in the online market-food category. Businesses that only operate as a physical marketplace realized that they would be inadequate without existing on online platforms and took action to move their business to e-commerce and started online market applications. Along with the basic needs, all of the shopping habits also tend to shift to mobile apps. As the time spent at home extends, we see that the brand offering many products and services, especially in the clothing, stationery, gift & entertainment shopping categories, focuses on online infrastructures and especially mobile applications.

The most important reason for this is that people of all ages can shop online through smartphones and iOS and Android application stores. What about the features that you should pay attention to the most and naturally, what should be the first steps to take while moving your business to mobile?


1- There Should Be Sufficient Product Variety in Your Mobile Store: The products and categories in your application should reflect your service in your existing store. This will be an advantage for the audience that is used to shopping from your store, to quickly adapt to online shopping.


2- Your Mobile Store Should Be User Friendly: A practical, safe and fast application is always more liked and preferred by users. There should be a category and filtering system that provides easy access to the products, simplicity in design, and basic features that provide enough information about the product to users.


3- Your Product Stock Tracking System Should Work Well: In practice, it is important for the products to be constantly updated for a good impression. The user should be able to easily see how many items he can buy from the same product, and the stock status on the product detail page.


4- Offer a Fast and Safe Delivery Option: When, how long, and how the delivery will be made - especially in the post-COVID19 period - is one of the most important information. Users expect to be able to easily track the product they have purchased. You can gain the appreciation of the users by providing location-based filtering option according to the address entered, and by indicating the delivery time to the relevant region as clearly as possible.


5- A Safe and Practical Payment System Should Be Established: Especially during the pandemic - and after - most of the users prefer the contactless payment option. In the researches, 63% of online purchases were made with contactless payment during the coronavirus quarantine. You should offer your customers a reliable system that is protected from end to end with credit card or other online payment options.


6- Customer Service Communication Should Be Provided During and After Order: Users, potential customers, want to be guided or informed during shopping as if they were walking around the store. You should manage customer relations well both during and after sales. You can make a healthy customer relations management with the order note you will add at the order stage and the communication options you will integrate into the mobile application. After the order, you should inform your customer via SMS or e-mail about the order status and cargo tracking options, you should create an open, safe and active communication channel for your customer.


The first step you will take while moving your business to mobile should be to make a correct business plan. Whether you are moving from scratch to online or turning your existing virtual market into a mobile application, you must first take the six basic steps we have mentioned above and design a mobile store that will convert users into customers.

The basis of being a sustainable brand in the future world is to take the right digital steps and to represent your brand in the best way both in the online market and in the mobile application world. It is important that product and service providers discover these new markets and get involved in the competition at the right time.

As AppLogist, we both help brands plan their steps in their digital transformation journey, as well as accompany brands by developing leading projects that stand out in the mobile application market.

While taking your first steps into the mobile application market in the digital transformation journey, we can develop your project by providing consultancy, and implement your flawless, high-quality, user-friendly mobile application in the optimum time possible. Click now, contact our team and we will prepare your special mobile application project proposal!

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