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Where To Start Digital Transformation?

Where To Start Digital Transformation?

“Digital Transformation” is a concept we talked about frequently in our daily lives in recent years. Many institutions are progressing at different stages of the transformation with professional support.

Moving a brand into the digital world is an end-to-end and multi-factor process. If you want to sell your products on an electronic commerce platform or have a mobile application, you should first look at the stage of your corporate digital transformation. To be able to run a fully online operation, you must have taken priority steps. As an organization working in the field of mobile technologies, which is an important stage of digital transformation, we focused on the first steps of transformation in terms of brands in this article.

The concepts of digital transformation and digitalization are very confused with each other. While determining where your organization is in the process, you should keep in mind that digitalization is the primary step of transformation. Whether you manufacture, trade or sell services; At the end of the day, what you need to do is to digitalize your business processes first.

  • Take advantage of technology and data.

If you are manufacturing, it is possible to move your factory and production processes to digital using digital software, sensors and artificial intelligence. You can start the digitalization process with a comprehensive planning you will make with transformation consultants and industry professionals.

If you are importing - exporting or providing services, this time your first step should be to use data to digitalize both your internal processes and your communication with customers.

If you use ERP systems and CRM software that facilitate your work within the company and are familiar with these concepts, your digitalization process has started. Remember that digital transformation is a more comprehensive and time-consuming process, you need not only to move your way of doing business or your data to digital, but also to adapt your employees to the digital world.

  • Transform your corporate culture with Digital Orientation.

Many different licensed software and programs with electronic infrastructure can be used to support the change processes of institutions in the global arena. These software, which serve different purposes ranging from human resources management to customer relations, from corporate resource planning to data processing, must be integrated into your business processes. However, you should support your workforce that will use these software to gain the necessary knowledge and experience in this regard. From the electronic devices you provide to your employees in your corporate structure, to the use of digital software, both your infrastructure and business conduct should be consistent. Thus, you take the first steps of a digital corporate culture.

  • Make room for the technologies of the future.

The importance of information and communication technologies has been understood once again after the pandemic process we are experiencing around the world. Organizations that collect data through the Internet of objects in their business processes, use digital infrastructures, process and store data using cloud computing, were able to quickly adapt to online work. Those who have not yet met with these technologies faced the necessity of a rapid transformation. However, unfortunately, the rapid steps taken in a short time could not achieve the expected results. You should plan your steps strategically in the digital transformation process.

  • Always stay in touch with your customer.

The main advantage of the digital world is to create continuously accessible 24/7 open businesses. Your digital presence, namely your website, mobile application, and your profiles on social media platforms, represent your brand without interruption. With the magic touch of digital marketing, the customer no longer comes to you, you go to your customer. And thanks to digital devices, you can be with them almost at any time. In order to make good use of this advantage, it is very important that you set up a fast customer relations system using automation systems.

When you provide these basic steps, it is possible to present your business to the right audience at the right time, regardless of the product or service you offer. In fact, the concept we call digital transformation is a process that serves this end-to-end goal.

At the most important stage of your digital transformation journey, we, companies that produce information technologies, work to ensure that you have uninterrupted, error-free and the most accurate infrastructures.

You can get project consultancy from the AppLogist team to bring your brand to the mobile world and take your place in the application markets. As #AppLogist, we are with you in your first steps in digital.


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