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# EcoWeek: Eco-Friendly Mobile Applications

# EcoWeek: Eco-Friendly Mobile Applications

Happy Environmental Protection Week!

The whole world has experienced an enlightenment during the pandemic process we are experiencing. As humanity, we questioned ourselves about being more respectful and more compatible with nature.With the beginning of # thenewnormal days, adopting environmentally friendly habits has become an important agenda.

Mobile application developers have been working on developing environmentally friendly applications for a long time. Many systems have been developed, from applications that calculate carbon footprint to mobile warning systems that enable us to save water and electricity.

On the occasion of Environment Week, we have listed environmentally friendly mobile applications, also known as "green applications" for you.

  • Forest

Forest, which is used both globally and in our country, helps you to limit the time you spend on the phone or on social media, while contributing to the environment. When you don't touch your phone for a certain period of time, the app allows you to grow virtual trees, which can be replaced by real trees planted by Trees for the Future in five African countries. You can download Forest, a paid application, from both the App Store and the Google Play Store.

  • GiveO2

You can measure your carbon footprint with GiveO2. Working with both Android and iOS, this application allows people to automatically balance their carbon footprint. The application is integrated with your phone's GPS and you do not need to manually enter your steps into the system. Although this application uses the internet connection and GPS feature, it is also very economical on battery consumption. Reduce your carbon footprint for climate change!

  • Tap

Plastic bottles are one of the largest sources of plastic pollution in our seas and oceans. Plastic islets we have seen on the sea surface in Turkey during the first days of the new normal is evidence of that. Tap is designed to increase the use of reusable water bottles. Tap shows you clean resources that you can fill water in based on your location. You can download Tap, which is one of the applications used both globally and in our country, from both the App Store and the Google Play Store.

  • HowGood

HowGood is a database of over a million food product ratings to help users make more sustainable choices. While the harms of additives, processed and packaged foods to both the environment and human health are so discussed, HowGood rates products according to their ingredients, processing practices and companies' environmental behavior. With HowGood, you have peace of mind about what you eat by choosing environmentally friendly food that is ethically produced and with minimum processing.

  • GreenMeter

GreenMeter, iOS's most innovative application, uses your device's accelerometer to evaluate the efficiency of your driving style. The app tells you whether you're accelerating too quickly or slowing down suddenly by braking at the last moment. The application not only calculates driving technique efficiency, but also provides the power and fuel usage characteristics of the vehicle in real time, thus helping to reduce your impact on nature. However, since the application is only iOS compatible, it can be downloaded from the AppStore.

  • #Climate

#climate is an iPhone application that allows you to discover the measures against climate change and share the measures you have taken on social media.

Thanks to the application, you can review and share the effective measures of institutions related to climate change. #climate also offers you the option to create a profile. Thus, you can determine your interests and encounter personalized results. This application can only be found in the AppStore.

  • SolarChecker

Wouldn't you like to make your home a "green house"? You can create an environmentally friendly home with solar panels, ground or water source heating systems. SolarChecker checks a number of parameters, including measuring solar radiation levels near your home, to let you know if special improvements will work for you. If you want to install a solar panel, it might be a good idea to download this app.

  • Ecoviate

Ecoviate is an application used to spread social sustainability by informing users of environmentally friendly activities such as #climate. The app offers you tips and products for saving water and energy, as well as helping to reduce your overall impact on nature.


  • Vodafone Turkey "Yeşile Saygı" Mobile App

The "Yeşile Saygı" mobile application, which aims to increase sustainability and environmental awareness, is completely renewed and put into use. The application has been made more interactive and user-friendly with tips and new features on an eco-friendly life. In the application, which acts as a green compass for users, nature parks, urban forests, organic markets, animal shelters can be displayed with the 'Yeşile Git' feature, users will be able to share their location notifications in these places on social media and also see the notifications of their friends.

With the 'Yeşil Ayak İzim' feature, users will be able to earn green points and donate saplings with these points. The user who collects the highest score each month will also receive surprise eco-friendly gifts.


"A cleaner environment, a healthier future with the transformative power of mobile technologies!"

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