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a different kind of taxi: Smarttaxi


a different kind of taxi: Smarttaxi

With the pandemic, taxis, which we understand once again as an alternative to public transportation, take our feet off the ground, but don't you feel overwhelmed through your journey by looking at the boring headrests in front of you?

Smarttaxi is a content platform that differentiates the taxi experience with its headrest screens. It has two aims to achieve;

  1. it lets taxi rides be colorful for passengers,
  2. With location-based targeting for advertisers, content will reach a more accurate target audience.

Smarttaxi and AppLogist Companionship

It has been 3 years since we, as AppLogist, started a journey with Smarttaxi. In this process, we developed the server infrastructure and android applications on the in-taxi screens from scratch and provided support and we continue to do so.

For those who are wondering, let's give some information about how the system works;

  1. With the turn of the taxi's contact, SmartTaxi Launcher starts to work and synchronizes with the server, it receives the updated contents and goes into sleep mode.
  2. When the passenger gets on and the taximeter starts working, a signal is sent to the SmartTaxi application. When the application comes out of sleep mode, news content and location-based ads are shown to the user.
  3. When the trip is complete, the system goes back to sleep mode and completes the necessary updates for the next trip.


It is possible to see a Smarttaxi everywhere in Istanbul. If you want, let's take a look at the numbers Smarttaxi has reached as a result of this union;

We can say that Smarttaxi transformed the taxi experience by reaching 2.5 million hours of content to more than 10 million passengers. We congratulate the Smarttaxi team, which received a total of 2 investments with these achievements, for taking firm steps towards their goals.

It’s great to read about it but if you want to hear what Smarttaxi said about it; You can listen to Mr. Ali, one of the founding partners of the project, from the 3 years we spent together.


We are aware of how important your ideas are to you. We would like to thank Smarttaxi once again for their trust in us in their valuable initiatives and for entrusting their projects.

If you have a project to write a success story, we look forward to meeting you and your project.


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