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About Us

We are an award-winning digital transformation company backed with passion and purpose.

AppLogist is a mobile application design and development agency that has been operating in Istanbul / Kadıköy since 2012. AppLogist Mobile Application Development Agency, which has developed more than 70 projects with institutions of different sizes from different sectors since its establishment, consists of an expert team of 14 people.

Our AppLogist team, which appeals to brands in StartUp, SME or Corporate structure and produces solutions at every scale, offers digital solutions to its customers on the axis of mobile applications. Today, in the age of digital transformation applications are at the fastest and highest level of development, it supports the digitalization processes of institutions with project development, design, software, application, project tracking and analysis services in the field of mobile application.

How Do We Work?

We are aware of how precious time is in our age when the business world is integrated with the latest technologies. As the AppLogist team, when starting a new project, we prepare our business plans meticulously and apply our own 5 + 1 methodology to reach the final product without going beyond the plan.

Throughout the project process, we make progress analysis in 2-week development periods and share the results with our customers. Basic dynamics in AppLogist Service Methodology: Analysis, Development, Interface Design, Customer Revision, User Tests and Quality Tracking. We carry out the entire process in active communication with our customers, and we adopt a reporting and feedback-oriented business development system.

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Our Customers

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To closely examine the projects, we have completed; You can contact us for detailed information about the support services we can offer you in the fields of UX & UI design, mobile application and web development.

Our Team

Zekai Turan
sales manager
Utku Ertürk
UX/UI Mobile Design
Hakan Turan
project consultant
Ersin Deniz
iOS Developer & Team Leader
Soner Güler
project manager
M. Şerif Baysoy
.Net Developer
Erdem Uçar
marketing manager
Hasan Görgülü
iOS Developer
Ahmet Sina Üstem
iOS Developer
Ünal Çelik
Android Developer
Caner Gülgeç
Android Developer
Yusuf Ceylan
Android intern
Berkay Ustem
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