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Can we exclude maintenance service?

Can we exclude maintenance service?

What can we say to this question? Of course if it is what you ask for 🙂 But while maintenance is one of the key issues for continuous success and high quality, it makes us upset to hear this question. For this reason, in this article, we will talk about what is a maintenance service, why it is important, how many types of services can be received.


Let's begin...

First, let's answer the question of what the maintenance service is.

Maintenance service is a service taken to ensure that the project continues to run smoothly as it was delivered when a mobile application development is completed.

"How so, if the project is done well, what can happen after I get it?" You may be saying…


Then let's explain the part of the project if it is well done first;

We talked about the factors that affect quality while developing your mobile application, in this article. However, how your mobile application is tested after development is also an important issue for the sustainability of quality.


Testing your mobile application aims to predict possible problems that may occur after going to the market and to take precautions against these problems;

  • As a first step, we predict the scenarios your customers are likely to experience with test scenarios.
  • These scenarios are being tested by our test team on the project.
  • If an error occurs, necessary corrections are made.
  • In this way, you will not encounter any problems when your application is actually on the market and your customer behaves according to the planned scenario.


There is a point we want to draw your attention to;

There are hundreds of thousands of possibilities created by dozens of phone models, dozens of versions, tens of conditions and combinations of these to use your mobile application. In this case, neither the developers, the testers, nor you, who approve the project, are not able to test these combinations 100%. This means that; After your application is on the market, you may encounter unpredictable situations or errors.


If this is the first time you've heard of this process, don't panic. Many project offices know that this will happen, and some will continue to offer you a guarantee for a while after your project is on the market. In other words, even if the project development is finished, they follow your application for a while and solve the problems without any fee or for a very low fee.


If you say "I trust my agency infinitely, my application does not get any error when it is on the market, what you say does not happen to me", let's say this;


Even if you succeed in the impossible and bring a mobile application that has 100% tested all scenarios on the market, there will be many other problems you will encounter on the way.


Let's explain these issues;

  • There may be changes due to you;

Let's say your application is connected to your ERP or CRM system and you will make changes in web services. In order for the development not to cause problems in your mobile application, the people who make your application should be aware of this process. In such a situation, if you have a maintenance service agreement, your changes are monitored, if necessary, intervened in time, and corrected if an error is received.

Let's say you did not receive maintenance service and still made changes to web services. You also need someone to track and detect these errors in order to fix errors you haven't received before. By the way, you hope those people fix one place and not spoil another.


Even if you say "No, I won't change anything", we say that have you ever considered the version transitions? 🙂


  • Version transitions can mess up your layout;

iOS or Android, it doesn't matter. Operating system update has arrived. After the update, it should be tested whether your mobile application will work smoothly or not so that there will be no problems after the version transition. If it does, take action immediately. Performing these services is also included in maintenance services.

So let's say there is a facebook login button at the bottom of a page of your application. An update was made on the Facebook or iOS side, and this feature of you suddenly stopped working. Fixing this is covered by the maintenance service.


  • Regular monitoring prevents customer complaints before they occur;

The things that have been explained so far are only what you have seen and the mistakes you are aware of when you receive a complaint from the customer. However, it is also necessary to mention the monitoring service.

We can define monitoring as continuous monitoring in order to detect even the errors that disturb your customer at the end of the day, but that you may not see or may never notice. Monitoring, which is generally included in maintenance services, aims to solve the problem before it comes to you or maybe even the customer notices.



In fact, after your mobile application is on the market and your warranty period is over, every step that someone will take to make sure that your project works as it was delivered to you is in the simplest terms of maintenance services. As we explained above, you can ask for information besides detecting errors or solving errors, including e-mails asking "does my application overcharging?" or calls asking, "Our team is going to change something on the web service, can you help them out?".


Therefore, we strongly recommend that you get maintenance service in order to be able to carry out error management after the development of the application is completed.


"Well, maintenance is important, let's get it, but how?" If you say, there are methods that are shaped according to your needs and budget. Each mobile application office may have different methods, but let's talk about the methods we implement and believe to be the most efficient for both parties.


Types of maintenance services;

  • 24/7 Maintenance:

It is the most comprehensive of the maintenance services you receive.

Errors are constantly monitored, and solving begins as soon as they are found. In this case, you won't have to wait to respond to an error.

This method is mostly preferred by companies that cannot handle the waiting of the error, such as programs that are used 24/7, social media, live broadcast systems, mobile applications and operational applications. Consequently, it is the highest priced maintenance service model.

  • 9-6 Maintenance:

There is a system on the back that constantly scans the error. In other words, 24/7 error detection is made. However, the error will be corrected within working hours.

The problem can be detected in the middle of the night since it is monitored continuously, but you have to wait for the shift to start for a solution. With this system, you stay within certain limits in your budget.

In addition, if you do not want to be monitored in the maintenance service, we can recommend another model that you can use.

  • Budgeting on man / hour:

In this method, there is no continuous error tracking. You will only notice the error when your user complains. Then you go to the team that developed the application with a maintenance service request that will resolve the complaint. The team also makes a man / hour budget depending on the error you received. In this case, you will receive maintenance service with a lower budget.



No matter how many people are in the team that will provide maintenance, there is a limited resource in terms of workforce and you should try to put your maintenance service on this team's agenda. Let's say the error you received is very vital for your application, but the agenda of the team you request maintenance service is also completely full. In this case, you may need to wait until the team is available.

In addition, since you do not receive monitoring, you will only be aware of the error when a customer complaint occurs, and you will not have the chance to find and eliminate the error without the customer noticing.


In this article, we tried to explain the importance of maintenance service and explain that you can get a maintenance service according to your needs and budget, no matter who you work with.


Just as the quality is hidden in details, when it comes to mobile application, a sustainable success depends on the smooth operation of the mobile application, which is largely dependent on the maintenance service. Do not be afraid of errors in the mobile application, fear that you do not have a maintenance service to fix the error on time 🙂


Have a great day :)


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