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How long does it take to create a mobile application?

How long does it take to create a mobile application?

We continue to answer the questions we encounter in mobile application processes. This time, our article is for those who expect to get their projects with excitement; How long does a mobile application project take, what affects this duration, is it possible to shorten the project duration?

In short, what are the ways to bring the mobile application to customers as soon as possible?

In order to answer these questions, we must first examine the project processes and their effects on the overall duration. Project development processes consist of 3 basic phases in which the effort required by the customer decreases as time progresses and the effort of the people who develop your mobile application increases; analysis, design and development..



This phase starts with a very simple question:

What need will your mobile application meet?

The phase in which we understand this and create the scope (content) of the project, we call the analysis phase. This phase is also the phase in which you should make the most effort.

For example, you want to make a taxi call app. It is necessary to draw the flow of this application, to define how many different user roles (taxi driver, attendant at the station, passenger, call center, etc.) and the way each one works. For example, will there be communication opportunities between the taxi driver and the passenger in the application? If so, should it be written or audible? According to the needs we identified in the previous phase, we call this phase, where we go through the features that your mobile application should have one by one. The analysis phase is completed with the determination of the need and the preparation of the cash register document.

There are two extreme cases here;

1- You may have an idea for a mobile application, but your needs and requests are not clearly defined. In this case, you should work with the people who will develop your mobile application and do a detailed study.

2- You have analyzed your opinion and documented it. In this case, you will provide detailed information to the people who will develop your application, all they have to do is work and read your document, if there is any, convey the comments and prepare your proposal.

Or you may be somewhere between these two extremes, which usually happens 😊 In this case, your analysis phase will take between 1-2 weeks.




All UX&UI studies fall under the design phase of your mobile application. We have mentioned that UX and UI are not the same or how different jobs are in another article so, let's move on to explain the process;

There are multiple ways to manage design processes. Since it will not be easy to explain all of them, it will be the healthiest to proceed through the process that we have built on the basis of our own experiences;

First of all, we determine how the general use and UI elements (visuals, buttons, texts, etc.) will be by doing a wireframe study. Then we offer you two design alternatives. We prepare the designs of all pages based on the design you like. Then, we complete the design process by making user tests and revisions with the feedback we receive from you.

It is not possible to determine in advance by calculating how long the design phase will take, but we can say that the process takes an average of 4-6 weeks to complete (we can say that it is a project with 25-30 screens, being aware of how much the average word is vague). Well, if you ask what increases or decreases this time;

  • The more screens to be designed, the longer the time.
  • The more complex the screens, the longer the time. (For example, the designs of a membership page where only registration is made and an interface where payment transactions will be made will not be completed in the same time.)
  • The more revisions are made with detailed user testing, the longer the time.

What we write here doesn't mean that things like user testing or requesting complex interfaces are a bad thing. The number of pages and the complexity of the page are entirely dependent on the need, while user tests ensure the accuracy of the work. What we are trying to do here is not to denigrate these elements, but to ensure that expectations are placed in the right place.




This is the phase where you spend the least effort.😊 We call the development phase the phase in which the infrastructure of your mobile application is developed, coded by the developers and in order to make sure that it works correctly.

We can say that this phase is 8-12 weeks on average for a mobile application project whose phase analysis and designs have been completed. Well, if you ask what increases or decreases this time;

  • Increasing the human resource to write the project shortens the time.
  • Using imported libraries or services shortens the time.
  • The more complex the product features, the longer the time.
  • Making the product on two different platforms as iOS and Android instead of a single platform does not change the time, it does not extend or shorten the time since the two developers work simultaneously.

After going through all these 3 phases, the mobile application is presented to your approval and if you agree, your mobile application will be published on the market. Meet your customers 😊


To sum up;

  • The time required for the development of each mobile application is different.
  • There is nothing you can do to some factors that affect the length of this period; For example, if your need requires a more complex requirement such as designing 50 screens or a payment screen, there is nothing you can do.
  • However, you can influence some of the factors that affect the process; For example, the more detailed requirement document you prepare, being aware of your or your customers needs, the faster you can go through the analysis phase, saving up to a few weeks during the entire project period.


Time is money, especially nowadays it is even bigger money 😊 We hope we have been able to give you detailed information on better management of time, which is one of our most valuable resources.

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