Bir mobil uygulama yaptırmak istiyorum, kaça olur? - AppLogist How much does it cost to create a mobile application?

How much does it cost to create a mobile application?

How much does it cost to create a mobile application?

When it comes to mobile applications, one of the questions we hear most from the customer side is about the cost of the application. Almost half of our customers are companies that want to have a mobile application for the first time. However, we have observed that there is confusion in the pricing of mobile applications in companies that have previously made mobile applications.

Let's say at the very beginning what we will say at the end; The price of a mobile app depends on what you need. In short, it may cost you 30,000 TL or 300,000 TL. We know that this type of sentence seems a bit like a generic word, but unfortunately, the cost of making a mobile application can be very variable depending on what your needs and solution are.

Then let's start to talk about what are the factors that affect the price of a mobile application and how you can get the solution you need, even if you are someone who is not familiar with this business.

We can classify the 4 factors that determine the price of a mobile application as follows; the features (scope) you want, the quality of the code, the service you receive and the source code ownership ...

Let's dive in. We will explain without getting too technical;

The features you want

The cost of each feature you want determines how many people will work to develop that feature and how long. Hence, more complex requests push the price upwards.

For example, listing and display screens are features that require relatively less man / hour, while features such as filtering, payment by card, and location tracking require moderate man / hour. Features such as chat, offline use or synchronization are the features that require the most man / hour due to the complex structure behind it, thus increasing the cost more.

We can say that one of the biggest problems we have observed over the years is that the scope of the project is kept wider than the need, since the cost of a mobile application is unknown, and therefore the project cost suddenly rises above the planned level. Our recommendation here is to start off with what features your mobile application must have, and develop other developments as you gain from your mobile application.

Quality of Code

Let's say you want to stay within the budget with a basic application, but in the future, you will want to add many new features to your mobile application such as video sharing, commenting, sharing and therefore you have decided to progress by increasing your project.

In this case, the most important factor you should pay attention to; the quality of the source code.

Why is quality important?

Your project has been completed, a few months have passed and you are ready to add new features. Or you have received maintenance service and want the project to run smoothly.

You can work with the software office that wrote your mobile application for both subjects. However, let's say you had to continue with another company. It doesn't matter, because the source code is in your hands. You can go to any mobile application company and continue to develop your project or get maintenance service.

But what is that? Your source code is unreadable. A sloppy architecture is used. Whatever your new company makes, it spoils something. You start to doubt them. Could they not be able to do it?

Actually, it is not their fault. We have repeatedly experienced the above example from customers who come to us. If we realize that the source code is not very successful when a company comes to us for new developments, we have to recommend that the project be rewritten rather than corrected. Because trying to fix is ​​often more difficult than rewriting, and no matter how clean we work, it never reaches the level of a clean project written from scratch.

Even those who come from the technical side of the business cannot understand how clean it is without seeing the code, how can someone who wants to have a mobile application understand this? Obviously he will not understand. If you want to secure your job, the only thing you can do here is to work with a company that has been in the industry for a long time and can offer you good references. This way, you can be sure that you will not be alone when things go wrong.

"Companies that can write good quality code want a lot of money, instead I can set up my own team in the company."

This thought brings us to another issue, the service you receive;

The Service

When you get service from a mobile application office, you are actually getting service from a team working for you. The UX / UI team that designed the application, the back-end software developers that developed the infrastructure of your project, and the ios & android mobile developers that ensure that your customers work properly on their phones. If you have a website, the frond-end software developers who develop it, the quality control team that tests the suitability of the project, and the project leaders who manage all this team work to make sure that the process runs smoothly.

The mobile application needs of some companies are really large and continuous that they will even require hiring all this team. The work in the hands of these companies is so extensive that even after the writing of the project is finished, the work in their hands is enough to continue to employ the recruited team.

In short, when you get a high-priced offer from a mobile application company and want to set up your own team, it is useful to make sure that you can make a budget that can continuously employ a software team of 4-7 people.

Source Code Ownership

A little information for those whose job is not software; Like many electronic devices, applications on mobile phones need to be told beforehand what to do in a language that they understand, to enable them to do various tasks such as entering their username, making them pay by credit card or switching to another page - which is called a code. We also give the source code name to the code that contains all the commands of an application.

How and at what quality source code is offered can greatly change the price;

“Isn't there just one source code? How many different ways could it be presented? "

Although there is only one source code, you can get services in more than one way;
When you get service from private companies, you buy a completely customized project. The whole project is designed and developed according to your needs. When the software is finished, depending on your agreement, some offices will deliver the source code to you for free and some for an additional fee.
The advantage of developing the project specifically for you is that; You have the chance to make any changes in the project at any time. So let's say you have a mobile application that has not been paid as of today, but you want to receive payment next year. This feature can be phased and added to the application.

Mass production companies, on the other hand, offer services close to the rental method. The project is their project and the source code is not shared with you. They "rent" their products with different interfaces although the source code is the same to everyone who wants. In other words, more than one company uses the same source code, but the design of the screens the user sees when you open the applications is different from each other.
The advantage of this is that you, as a customer, are free of an initial development cost. Because you are using code that already exists. The disadvantage is that the project is not unique to you, so when you want a custom development (when you want to add a feature that was not there before), you may have a hard time doing it. This is understandable for the software office, which is the main owner of the application, a feature that they will add special to you will affect other brands using the same code, so whether or not the feature you want is implemented depends on your agreement with the software company.

"So which one is good and which one is bad?"

There is no clear answer to this. If you want to have a mobile application that is not special for you or that does not need to be added to a new feature, especially in e-commerce applications, the rental method may be more suitable for you. However, if you need to have an application that needs to be specific to you or that requires frequent updates, such as field applications, a customized model may be more suitable for you.


We can briefly count the factors that determine the price of a mobile application in this way. In conclusion, there is no such thing as right or wrong for a mobile application, the important thing is that you can analyze yourself, your application and your needs correctly and find the right solution.

We hope we have been able to offer you a good resource. We have been able to answer the questions of those who want to have a mobile application for the first time, and we have been able to be explanatory for professionals who have received different offers for a mobile application before, but cannot understand why their offers may have been so different.

Remember that you can always contact us for any questions you have. Do not hesitate to convey any topics you say "It would be nice if you could talk about that too." 🙂

Have a great day 🙂



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