Belirsizlik ortamında nasıl üretiyoruz? - AppLogist How do we stay productive during uncertainty?

How do we stay productive during uncertainty?

How do we stay productive during uncertainty?

We have been learning to live with a new type of coronavirus for about a month. While trying to protect our loved ones and our own health, we also strive to keep our business and daily lives flowing as we are used to.

As a sector suitable for working from home, we wanted to explain how we manage the remote working system that many companies have suddenly switched to during the coronavirus days, what we changed in our current system, what we did not change, let's explain them first.

Grab your coffee and let's get started, we have a few simple but useful tips 🙂

What Stays the Same in the New Order?

Yes, you heared it right; We start with what we haven't changed :) We will now work from home, our routines have changed but that does not mean that we will start everything from scratch. It is beneficial to keep some things especially informational habits;

Our Daily Routine in the Office;;

Morning meetings: every day. Without exception. Whole team except managers.

Closing meeting: every day. Without exception. Project managers only.

Our Weekly Routine in the Office; ;

Sprint Reviews (Weekly Review Meeting): Every Friday. Without exception. The relevant team only.


It is not possible for us to give up on these, because it ensures that the team is aware of each other's work and gives the chance to intervene early in a situation that goes wrong.


So these routines have remained the same, but are we running exactly the same? No 🙂 it's little different;


Daily Work Program at Home;  ;

Our morning meetings are now held with the participation of the entire team, including the executives. In this way, team members hear about the work from the managers as well as the team leaders.

We switched to a system similar to morning meetings in the closing meetings. In addition to team members and team leaders, managers also participate in the closing meetings and answer the questions of the team individually.

WHY: Thus, we aimed to eliminate the gap between manager and employee that can be created by working remotely. Because one of the most feared issues among the risks of working remotely is the distancing of relationships and the difference of the work produced from the expectation.

By attending the meetings more effectively, our managers are able to convey the company's goals and expectations to the employees. In this way, employees can know better what to focus on, while our managers can intervene earlier in case of a problem.

DOES IT WORK?: Of course, we should ask that to the team 🙂 However, we can say that it works on the management side. For now, the outputs are in line with the expectations and when there is a problem, it can be intervened without growing. But don't jinx it :)


Weekly Work Program at Home;;

We hold our weekly evaluation meetings on a project basis and on Fridays as we used to do. But now, instead of telling the estimation of how long it will take to complete the work in the new week at the meeting, we started to enter through Jira.

WHY: In this way, we can intervene at the right time in work that takes longer than planned and solve the problem before it escalates.

Another benefit of this order is that we try to observe the work-private life balance of our employees. Working from home was an issue that companies approached with the fear of "how will I know my employees are working". However, we now see that working from home means that the boundaries between work and private life are lifted. This sometimes causes employees to work more than a normal working day or week.

Our aim is to ensure that no employee's work-private life balance is disrupted to the detriment of private life while the work is on time.

DOES IT WORK?: Yes, we have not been below 80% in almost any project and task so far. One of the reasons for this is that we are reporting the works together with the relevant employee. Thus, the employee also sees his situation and learn.


What Have We Removed Completely? 

There is only one issue we focus on removing; hierarchy that we already focus on keeping at a certain level.

As we mentioned, disruption of communication, misunderstandings, and spending too much effort on a job that is not needed are the most important issues we encounter. For this reason, we have only one motto in this period when physical distances intervene; MORE AND BETTER COMMUNICATION.


What Did We Start From Scratch?

Our Mini Zoom meetings are fresh out of the oven :) Whoever has a question can request a meeting immediately, depending on some rules;

  1. Only the addressees of the question attend the meeting.
  2. The project manager is among those who will attend the meeting by default.
  3. It is the responsibility of the meeting organizer to find out who is involved with the problem.
  4. Meetings should be between 15-30 minutes; For smaller matters we recommend bilateral phone calls.

WHY: While we were in the office, whoever had a question could ask a friend his question and get the answer. However, we do not have this opportunity now and we are trying to eliminate the risks.

DOES IT WORK?: For now, yes :) Between 13 March and 13 April, each team member has requested at least one mini meeting and their problems have largely been resolved.


We tried to summarize what we have experienced / done in the last month under 3 headlines.


We will continue to follow our new methods, productivity and outputs and take measures. We do not know what new problems we will encounter in the future. However, we try to create alternative plans according to the possibilities.


We see health as our most important and top priority job. After health, mobile applications can be written, digital transformations can be made, and bold decisions that cannot be taken in normal time are also made.


If you want to reach us, we will no longer serve from our office in Koşuyolu, but from Üsküdar, Ataşehir, Esenler, Sancaktepe, in short, from our homes. However, we will always be a mail or a phone call away.


We hope you are staying healthy and safe.

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