App Trends: Sevilen Mimari, Tasarım Mobil Uygulamalar “Ev Dekorasyonu”

App Trends: Popular Architecture - Design Mobile Applications "Home Decoration"


App Trends: Popular Architecture - Design Mobile Applications "Home Decoration"

App Trends: Popular Architecture - Design Mobile Applications "Home Decoration"

It is a great delicacy to combine technology and mobile world with aesthetics and design! Thanks to mobile apps and social platforms, we are now able to quickly access many more design ideas and inspiring content. The number of mobile applications that provide ideas about architecture and design and provide design support is increasing day by day. In our today's article, we will take a look at some mobile applications that will support you in any decoration adjustments you will make in your home and make you enlightened with brand new ideas.

Thanks to these applications, you will be able to see what you envision in your mind and experience convenience in your choices about design, harmony, color and aesthetics.

  • Like That Decor

Let's say you like a furniture or home accessory incredibly, but you wonder where you can find it or if you can find it at a more affordable price… You can upload a visual of the related product or design to this application and instantly view similar and places to buy.

  • Color Capture

Choosing a paint suitable for your home or furniture is a challenge. Once you like a color, it's almost impossible to get it on the color chart. With Color Capture, which brings out the most suitable for you from 3,300 different paint shades, all you have to do is take a photo of the color you like. You can leave the rest to Color Capture.

  • Mark On Call

It is possible to view all the changes you imagine about your house through Mark On Call. Choose and apply one of the design ideas that are meticulously presented to you as an interior designer with its inspiring designs, with every detail considered from upholstery to colors and furniture.

  • Photo Measure Lite

Take a photo of the area you want to decorate at home and add its dimensions. The mobile application will enable you to see the details of your purchases so that you can apply your decoration risk-free.

  • Snapshop

Thanks to this application, you can see how the furniture you want to buy will look in your home. Point your phone at the area where you want to place the furniture and see what your furniture will look like in your home.

  • Moodboard

A mobile application that allows you to take photos of your house, design it as you wish, and visualize your ideas.

  • iHandy

If you have an obsession with symmetry, iHandy is designed for you. Thanks to this application, there will be no curvature on your wall. You can use iHandy as a measuring tool while placing your furniture.


Bonus: Pinterest!

You can archive the decoration, design ideas and color palettes that you are interested in among millions of inspiring content, and you can be inspired by a living room design made on the other side of the world. Before diving into home decor, we recommend that you also take a look at the Pinterest app for inspiration.

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