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App Trends: Best Applications in the Second-Hand Goods Market

App Trends: Best Applications in the Second-Hand Goods Market

Online shopping is one of the basic routines of our daily life. It has become a common habit to buy every product online, from our everyday household needs to clothing, even vegetables and fruits. Especially since the pandemic started, we benefit from all the advantages of this technological luxury in the quarantine process. But online shopping doesn't just offer us fast, fresh or zero products. We can easily obtain everything on a scale ranging from second-hand clothing to second-hand technology products and even cars through both online marketplaces and their mobile applications.

The purchase and sale of second-hand products constitutes an important segment in the developing e-commerce market. Thanks to mobile applications that are becoming more and more widespread in the world and in our country, it is now easy to dispose of good products you do not use or to find and buy clean second-hand items.

We have listed the 10 most popular and widely used mobile applications in the second hand market:

  • Letgo: Letgo is an application where you can find many products ranging from second-hand furniture to technology products such as phones and computers, from apartments for sale-rental to cars. It is possible to find very reasonable prices in the application, where hundreds of thousands of users and millions of products are sold, mostly unused and intended to be disposed of. You can opt for safe shopping with vendors from all over Turkey.


  • Sahibinden: is a large platform where both new and second-hand products can be found, although it seems to be mostly used for sale or rental apartments, cars. In the application from the owner, it is possible to find services, job postings or people from whom you can get services other than goods, real estate or technological devices.


  • GittiGidiyor: You can find almost anything you can think of in Turkey's most known and oldest marketplace, GittiGidiyor. Plus, you can find zero-error, trouble-free products from approved trusted vendors and stores. You can also choose for advantageous shopping thanks to discount coupons.


  • Dolap: Just download Dolap application and create a profile to turn your new products into money that you have never used, or used little and bored immediately. You can upload your products here and get an offer and quickly convert them into money. Dolap application allows you to send your cargo free of charge with the Cargo code it provides, as well as secure trading.


  • Gardrops: Another alternative for buying and selling clothes is the Gardrops application. Moreover, you can sell your unused clothes with 0% commission in this application. In addition to being able to find products at affordable prices, it is a great advantage that you can get refunds without applying for problematic transactions.


  • Zebramo: A mobile application that allows you to easily convert all your second-hand items from household goods to cosmetics, from clothing to shoes. Although it is often preferred for the sale of clothing and accessories, it is also possible to find second-hand electronics in Zebramo.


  • Modacruz: A mobile application where you can buy and sell products such as second-hand night gowns, accessories, underwear and cosmetics. The application, which has a total of 3 million members, also has the option of product return in problematic situations, just like Gardrops.


  • Bebecruz: Bebecruz is a subapplication of the Modacruz family. It is very easy for you to find high-priced baby items clean second-hand on the platform where you can buy and sell baby clothing, accessories and goods for all baby needs. You can easily sell the clean items of your rapidly growing baby that you do not use in this application.


  • Sahaf: Are you looking for a rare book? You can ask Sahafs through this mobile application. Or you can easily sell the books you read and no longer want to take up space in the library to the longingly waiting readers. It is a very useful application for shopping at an affordable price.


  • Clique: Marketplace for vintage fashion lovers. It is an enjoyable mobile application called Clique, where each group leader receives commission from sales within the group, bringing you and people you admire, for their style and fashion taste, together. Taking the first step to create your own brand with Clique is easy with this system.


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