Android Aplikasyon Yaptırmak İçin Dikkat Edilecek Öğeler

Key Factors to Consider While Developing Android App

Key Factors to Consider While Developing Android App

There is a tremendous increase in the number of people using smart phones and other products that fall under the category of smart devices around the world. Especially when the number of users with the Android operating system is much higher than the other operating system, IOS; brands also want Android compatibility in the applications they want to develop.

Since the Android operating system has a very simple interface and provides an easy experience in terms of accessibility, the number of developers is quite high. However, since Android applications have features that can be downloaded from many sources (especially Google Play), they can be downloaded and used on smart phones and smart devices, making it satisfying for users.

Making an android application is one of the most important decisions taken by almost every brand to keep their customer potential alive and even to increase it as a result of these features. Thanks to this application, brands can reach their customers much more easily and enable them to provide better service.

Mobile application development processes started by teams specialized in the field, all developed applications are with ".apk" extension. As a software development language, it is created using languages ​​such as Java, Phyton, Assembly, C, C++.

Benefits of Android Application

  • Making an android application the most basic thing about the customer side of brands or institutions is now digitalized; It is adaptable to the era and providing fast access. At the same time, a mobile environment is created where they can more easily evaluate conditions such as offers, opportunities and campaigns with the ease of transportation it provides.
  • Since mobile applications are accessible to users 24 hours a day, 7 days a week on phones that are used for certain times during the day, the fact that the targeted audience can reach the brand at any time provides an advantage to the brand side.
  • Well-designed applications can be considered a good choice for engagement, as they gain the attention of users for longer periods of time. Thus, since the number and duration of active use will be increased, it is possible to talk about another positive effect for brands.
  • Even if the "push notification" application is not used in the applications, with the option to send notifications, personalized marketing techniques can be easily applied to the user group through these applications.